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Let’s face it, you’d probably rather hit the beach rather than clean the house. Now you can. We offer the best and most affordable house cleaning in Sarasota. Go enjoy yourself and let us handle the cleaning for you.

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Reccuring House Cleaning

Why spend your days cleaning only to do it again and again every week. With our recurring cleaning, you get a team of house cleaners to quickly and flawlessly clean your house every time. We offer multiple service intervals so you can pick whichever fits your budget and lifestyle.

Weekly (Most Popular)

If you want a spick-and-span house without having to sacrifice your time to get it, this is the best option. We come every week and completely clean from top to bottom.

Every Other Week

Not so messy? Hire us to come every other week and get things back in order.

Once a Month

If you prefer to do most of the cleaning yourself but want someone to do all the stuff you don’t like, this is a great choice.

One time Cleaning

If you typically clean your house but it needs a freshen up, we can help with a single clean session. Maybe you’re having guests over or you just had a party. Either way, give us a call or fill out our form for a quick and easy quote.

One time cleaning involves our wonderful staff coming to your home and cleaning everything. This means they’ll make those messy beds in all your rooms. We’ll also tidy up living areas and the rest of the bedrooms, vacuum, mop, dust your house, clean mirrors, window sills, empty trash, wipe down counters, and more.

We never leave a house with anything out of order. I guess you could say we’re kind of like a modern-day Mary Poppins (without umbrellas).

There’s no reason to leave your home messy or spend your valuable time cleaning. You can simply call us or fill out the form and poof! you’ll have a team at your house, ready to clean everything for you. You can go out and enjoy the day with your family or relax on the couch. Either way, we take care of everything.

Living Areas

We clean all the living areas, pick up, sweep, vacuum, mop and tidy up tables & couches.


Let us pick up the kids toys, make the beds, vacuum, and tidy things up.

Vacuum & Mop

No more buckets of dirty water for you. We vacuum, sweep and mop all the floors in your house.


Your cleaning team goes through your house dusting and wiping down counters, shelves, and other dusty spots.

Trash Removal

We take out the trash! Literally. We empty all the cans around your home including kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Clean Mirrors

Nobody likes a cloudy or streaky mirror. We clean all the mirrors in your bedroom, bathroom, and everywhere else.


Do you need your laundry washed, dryed, and folded? We can handle it for you.

Appliance Deep Clean

Need your oven, fridge, microwave or another appliance deep cleaned? No problem!

Kitchen cleaning service

Cleaning your kitchen can be a huge pain. But with professional house cleaners of Sarasota, we understand you want your kitchen spotless so that you can eat off of any counter.

We deep clean in your oven, remove the greats to get all the gum out, we clean coffee maker, toaster oven, and everything else you have in your kitchen on your counter is it on your floor.

Will wipe down your backsplash remove the grease clean your oven hood and essentially do everything that you don’t want to do.

We make sure your kitchen is completely clean and ready to eat out of after each one of our services.

And yes we always move the items on the counter to dust behind them.

Bathroom cleaning service

When we clean your bathroom you can expect for us to dust hard surfaces, remove cobwebs, vacuum and or mop, empty your trash. We also clean and dry tiles and tabs along with your sink counters and backsplash. We also Windex your mirrors clean and sanitize the toilet, remove heavy soap scum, and more.


We take pride in thoroughly cleaning your home. You can expect us to clean your bedroom top to bottom. We dust hard surfaces and remove cobwebs. We vacuum and or mop your floors along with wiping down window seals, cleaning your mirrors, wiping down light switches, door knobs, and electronics.

We make your bed, change sheets, empty trash cans, Spot clean baseboards.

Living areas

Well, cleaning you’re living areas we make sure to dust hard services electronics and window seals. We will spot clean doors and baseboards, empty your trash, Windex mirrors, remove cobwebs and vacuum or mop floors.

Why hire a professional maid service in Sarasota?

We clean homes, condos and apartments of all shapes and sizes here in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Sarasota. At SRQ cleaning service we always send a minimum of 2 trained team members to your home. We provide cleaning supplies, smiles, and outstanding customer service. Every clean with us Is ensured that you will be completely satisfied.

Benefits of hiring pro house cleaning services

We guarantee that you will feel that SRQ cleaning is money well spent. You will now have free time to do the things that you want to do and a clean home. Our cleaning professionals go through a checklist while cleaning your home. Our team members go through an extensive vetting process before we hire them. Our customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. We clean your home using products that we would use in our home. Take time to book an appointment with us then sit back and relax while we do the heavy work.

Your total home cleaning solution

Time is of the essence, so spend your time wisely. Let us handle the Mundane household chores. We will clean your home top to bottom. Give your self a break from hours of cleaning by scheduling a professional team to come to clean your home for you. We follow an extensive checklist, carefully cleaning the entire home.

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