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Every office needs a great cleaning team. That’s where we come in. We offer complete cleaning solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re in a skyscraper or in a beach front office, we have the team and know how to handle your job.

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Reccuring Commercial Cleaning

We send our team to your office to clean in any interval you choose. Whether its nightly, once a week or once a month, we’ll be there with bells on. You can trust that our staff are professional, handle every job with care, and always leave your office sparkling clean. 

Why Us? 

Your office is the face of your company. It’s something we know you take pride in. To keep your business looking great we provide the highest standard of cleaning services. 

With us, you get intelligent staff with the best training who know to listen to your needs. Our goal is to keep your office at its finest year round and deliver on our word every day. Simply stated, we take pride in what we do. 

Janitorial Services

Comprehensive janitorial services to keep your office environment clean and healthy.

Floor Cleaning

Keep your offices floors freshly waxed and free from scuff marks, spills and other messes.

Single Project Cleaning

Whether its carpet cleaning, conference room, upholstry or somthing else – we can handle it.

Our Value

We clean hundreds of local offices in Sarasota, Bradenton, and surrounding areas. 

Our commercial cleaning process is personalized and thorough. We take our time with your company and always go the extra mile to ensure your office looks outstanding. We’re not afraid of the dirt and obsess about shining! 

We have a team of highly trained staff that come to your building or office and clean from top to bottom.

We also clean on your schedule. We know that cleaning crews can’t be getting in the way of your staff while conducting business so we’ll come after hours, early, or whenever works for your business.

If your goal is to project the absolute best image to the public and show that you care, then you need our professional cleaning services. 


Moving in/out of building cleaning


Are you moving in or out of a new commercial space? Nobody likes having to clean the space themselves and with commercial projects, it’s often prohibitive to try to do it yourself because the buildings are so large.

With our team of train cleaning professionals, we can make your moving in or out of the building completely seamless.

We’ll send our team in to clean your new or old building from top to bottom ensuring that it’s ready for you to get into right away. If you’re moving into a new building, will make sure the process is done very quickly and thoroughly so that you can begin moving your furniture into the office in conducting business ASAP.

If you’re moving out of the building, will make sure that your building is spotless. We can clean the carpet, windows, bathrooms, and everything else all the way down to the baseboards. We’ll Make sure it looks fantastic so that you can keep a great relationship with the building owner.

Post construction cleaning


Did you just remodel your office? Chances are there’s a pretty big mess. Remodeling your office weather whether it’s painting walls, adding walls, or any other type of construction work in your office can leave tons of debris.

Often times you’ll find things covered in dust. You may also find your carpets now need to be cleaned, and there may be left over rubble from the construction.

Not to worry, we can handle your post construction clean up. Just give us a call and we’ll send a team over to restore your office to its brilliance. Will remove the debris, vacuum the floors, clean the carpets, dust everything, and make sure your office is ready for business ASAP.

Commercial Janitorial Services


Our commercial and janitorial services are not a luxury but a necessity for most businesses. We do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach to janitorial services which is why we custom tailor every package to meet your needs. Whether you’re a high traffic office or a low traffic office, we have janitorial services to accommodate your needs.

We use thorough janitorial training programs, excellent on-site management, and always go above and beyond for our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about the services, give us a call or fill out the form for a free consultation and quote

Carpet cleaning

Commercial carpets are heavily trafficked. And as a result, they can get pretty dirty. Our carpet cleaning specialist will come to your office and completely clean your carpets from top to bottom.

Hard Floor Care

We use fast acting chemicals to break up old flooring finish which prepares your floor for the new coding. After the finish is removed reapply polymer-based finishes which completely protect your floor from scuffs and soil‘s, making cleaning a breeze.

Restroom Sanitization

Having a clean and sanitary restroom is an absolute must. Many if not all of your customers may walk in your restroom at some point or another. And as we all now, a dirty restroom is a sure sign that a business is not on top of their game. Fortunately, we offer restroom sanitization where we clean your bathrooms from top to bottom and restock all of your materials.

We mop the floors, clean the puddles off the counters, wipe everything down, clean the toilets and perform all of the necessary bathroom cleaning and maintenance.

Green cleaning options

We like to think of ourselves as an innovative cleaning solution. With that said, we are always striving to provide our customers with a variety of cleaning options to meet their specific needs. One of the ways we do that is by offering green cleaning solutions. Our line of green products leaves your office smelling fresh, looking great, and healthier for you and everyone in it. You also never need to compromise on sanitation because our green cleaning products are just as effective as all other cleaning chemicals.

Highly trained and professional staff

We take time when it comes to hiring staff. We fully vet each of our staff, ensure that they have an obsessive attention to detail, are professional in both appearance and demeanor, and ultimately know how to exceed client expectations.

In short, we don’t just hire anyone with two hands and the ability to hold a rag.

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